Sunday, 25 November 2007

If It Ain't Baroque

There's nothing quite like quoting a Disney film when choosing kit names - yes, I spend too much time around small children, but what can you do ;) (in case you are wondering, Cogsworth says it in 'Beauty and the Beast'!) For European flair and vintage style decoration, you can't go past Q Tea's gorgeous December kit.

'If It Ain't Baroque' will ship from the 3rd December. Simply email me if you would like to place an order or organise a subscription!


1 piece 11"x11" floral cotton
1 piece 7"x10" flocked paper
1 sheet vintage sheet music
1 piece German book paper
1 piece vintage lace curtain
1 piece of Cristina Re cameo paper, approx 3"x8"
1/2 metre white vintage lace
1 length (approx 29") black tulle
1 sachet silver glitter
1 pair of guipure lace wings
1 set 2007 calendar tags from Elle's Studio
2 red rosettes
1 tiny maple leaf button
2 crown sequins from Germany
1 vintage cameo (these are 'found items', so the size and colour will vary randomly)

Please note: Some items may vary slightly from those pictured.