Thursday, 1 September 2011


Welcome to our final QTea Kit – dedicated to all those loveable geeks out there…… know who I mean the ones who love Star Wars, vintage comic books, messing around with gadgets and Dr Who…………nerd lovers UNITE!

1/2 metre Flash Gordon Cotton Tape

1/2 metre tartan ribbon

2 Microscope Slides

Set of five electronic resistors

Test Tube of sparkly goodness

2 x Wooden typewriter letters

3 x Small Wonders vintage tea cards (microscope theme)

Vintage Graph Paper Pack

8 x Bingo Markers

3 x Vintage Bookpapers Chess Theme

3 x Vintage Bookpapers Scrabble Letters

20 x Bristol Bus Company Tickets

20cm Sparkley Punchinella

3 x Red Felt Stars

Camera Junkie Notepaper

Air Mail Enevelope

Under the scope notepaper

3 x Small Bingo Numbers

Blue Suede Shoe Card

* Vintage bookpapers, tea cards, bingo numbers, typewriter letters and vintage graph papers will all vary in style and design.

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