Saturday, 30 January 2010

Roller Derby Doll

February is LOVE month and what’s not to love about a Rollergirl?
She is smart, tough, a little bit sassy and probably has a gorgeous tattoo and like all girls she likes to be romanced!
Take home a rollergirl today!

Elle's Studio Numbers Cut outs
6inches Sequin Mesh
Rollergirl Button*
Roller-skate Charm
Wide eyed doll napkin
19inches Red Ric Rac
Comic Bookpaper*
2 x Play Money*
Leather Thought Bubble*
50cms Black Velvet Ribbon
2 x Felt Hearts*
3 x Gingham Brads
GOSH embroidered patch
2 x Ribbon Bows
9inches Lingerie Hook Ribbon
81/2inch x 11inch Break my heart fabric
Compendium LOVE note*
70cm vintage silver lace

*Rollergirl button, play money, thought bubble, felt hearts, love notes and comic bookpaper will all vary in colour, design and style!

Kit’s shipping Friday 5th February – strictly limited numbers!

E-mail to order!

Friday, 29 January 2010

i love s'hroom's

Wooden Mushrooms from here!

I LOVE this purse, one day I WILL learn to crochet!

Too cute!

and finally lovely Abigail, from here, isn't she gorgeous! In fact there isn't ONE thing in Marisol Spoon's shop that I couldn't rush out any buy - oh my, so dangerous!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

$ale is HERE!

Welcome to QTea’s ONCE A YEAR super sale!!!

It’s my Birthday and I feel like celebrating, so YOU get the presents!!!! This little party will go for an entire week, stay tuned for some FABULOUS bargains and some great giveaways……

First up – the $ale is here:

Buy ONE Qtea kit and get a FREE mini-kit! (you save $8.00)

Buy TWO Qtea kits and get 50% off your THIRD kit! (you save $9.00)

Buy THREE Qtea kits and get your FOURTH kit for FREE!!! (you save $18.00)

*The special discount kits are here and here. You will notice that the FREE kit actually cost 50c, that is the POSTAGE cost only and in the postage field there is no cost!
*When you purchase the 50% kit or the FREE kit (after qualifying of course) please put a note in the message to seller box to tell me which kit you would like.
**Sale excludes 2010 stock (which is why it’s not listed in the shop)
**Strictly while stocks last!
**All prices are in USD’s for simplicity’s sake {having said that the Aussie dollar is pretty good right now}

Fabulous indeed, but to make it MORE fabulous every gorgeous person who makes a purchase from the shop during the next week will go into a draw to win a FREE 6month QTea subscription……….

And every day I’m going to bring you some wonderful inspiration and giveaway’s from around the globe – stay tuned!!!!!
Happy Shopping!

New Mini's

These are part of today's $ale, so will be in the shop later this afternoon!

3inch x 4inch Check Wallpaper
Felt Frame
Iron on Transfer
Slide Frame
Bingo Card
4 x Vintage Cinema Tickets
Bauble by Ormolu*
Black Buckle
6inch x 9inch Hound’s-tooth Wallpaper
2 x Vintage Tea Card (costume theme)*
Elle's Studio Love Tag*
1 x metre Tuxedo Trim

Glamour girls can’t resist this one

*Bauble, tea cards and Elle’s tag will vary!
Monkey Charm*
Koi Notepaper
2 x Wooden Bingo Numbers
Story of Children Stationary Set (an envelope + notepaper)*
Library Card and Pocket
Little Man Paper Clip
Apple OR Banana Button (only ONE of these not both)
Yellow Flower Button
Vintage Storybook Page*
10inches daisy trim
20inches yellow velvet ribbon
10inch x 10inch red stripy fabric

For the cheeky monkey in all of us!

*Stationary set, bookpaper and monkey charm will all vary!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Farewell to FABULOUS 09

Well 2009 has been and gone in a FLASH and even though QTea has only been mine for half of 2009, I thought I would share some highlights from the year that was……. Let’s start the year with some eye candy – there was this gorgeous LO from Danielle using “Folklore Forest”:

and then February saw us fall in LOVE with this kit:

then the monkeys arrived in March

and this LO was pretty darn cute too:

We were as busy as honey bee’s in April:

then there was some sad news, but then some really GOOD news and you welcomed me with open arms: {thank you}

Danielle went out with a bang and SOLD out two versions of this kit

in May I revealed my FIRST kit:

…..we prepared for a fresh change and along came June, with another farewell we said a fond goodbye to these gorgeous and talented ladies:

and in the same breath welcomed these gorgeous girls
…we played with Flicka

We started a treasure hunt, and August saw us heading into the Boudoir
and we fell in love with this mini-book and all the gorgeous work the girls did with it;
In September we got a bit fruity
in October we did the fling, and we FINALLY found a Treasure Hunt winner!
November was SMURF-TASTIC

there were some cute Christmas Gifts and December was just magical!
….it’s been an action packed year, I loved every minute of putting the kits together, creating some new things and seeing what you clever girls create! Along the way I learned about limits and balance, about doing my paperwork every month (ahem) on time and I finally feel settled into Qtea. Thank you to every single one of you who have brought kits, got excited about sneak peeks and renewed your subscriptions.
It is your enthusiasm and love that keeps me going when things get crazy!
I am sooo excited about 2010 and I have so many wonderful things planned – hold onto your hats, it’s going to be an awesome ride!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Through the viewfinder layout =)


Hello! I had fun looking through the viewfinder and creating this layout!! Decided to do one of my family because it is such a rare shot! We had this photo taken on a family trip out to fly kites and i really love the photo =)


here, i folded the measuring tape into a bow and glued the nice vintage button in the middle. Also cluttered it with the slide holder and ticket stubs!! The lace dollies were split up and placed together too.


That's us! 4 of a kind!! =)

hugs, Merdrey

Friday, 15 January 2010

leap year layout

Here is my second layout using this month's 'through the view finder' eldest daughter was born on 29th February and I've highlighted the number 29 with a slide mount and added some hidden journaling under the bingo card about how special this is..

From the kit I've used the wooden vintage camera, slide frame, vintage laundry invoice, vintage lace button, spot ribbon and the beautiful vintage paper doily, which I've sprayed with glimmer mists and then torn off some little pieces to add around the page.
Thanks for stopping by
Gina xox

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sneak Peek

Full Kit Reveal - Friday 29th January

Kit will ship on Friday 5th February

E-mail to pre-order!

PS - Love, love, LOVING this kit - so excited!

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Through the Viewfinder is SOLD OUT!!!

I have two kits I have cobbled together, HOWEVER I am all out of the gorgeous retro spot ribbon (and my supplier is out too, it was OLD stock) - SO the last two kits I will substitute a length of red and a length of white vintage ric rac!

If you would like one, please e-mail me ASAP!

Will be back later today with some shares, I have FINALLY found time to be creative and I have used this month's kit!

PS - How completely gorgeous is the work by our clever creative team??? So Happy!

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Today was my first chance to dip into my through the viewfinder kit and play I did..
I've used: dressmakers tape, locker tag, b&w button, vintage film title letters, blue fabric (which I stamped the butterflies onto), and b&w ric rac.

I love the mix of bright embellies from the kit here..and I added a little extra colour with some glimmer mist and masked over the vintage letters in a couple of spots too.
Can't wait to play again tomorrow..thanks for visiting :)
Gina xox

Hi Everyone

Hi I must be the last of the new Qtea creative team members to come and say hi.
My name is Belinda and I too live in beautiful Tasmania. I have been into arts and crafts for as long as I can remember and not a day goes by that I am not getting my hands dirty with some new craft to try. I was introduced to scrapbooking through a birthday gift nearly 6 years ago and no matter what new craft takes my interest scrapbooking will always remain my favourite. I love that I can be creative and record my families lives in way that will last forever.

(an updated photo- I am now a redhead ;)

I want to thank Jodi for choosing me for the Qtea team and I have already had loads of fun creating with the January kit

Doll maker made using -decorated button, dress maker tape, vintage doily, wine label, ric rac, laundrey invoice, music paper. (mirror squares from Dec Qtea kit)

The way I see it book made using - film slide, vintage camera, black buttons, admit one coupon, blue stripe fabric, stamps, wine label, spotted ribbon and card board from packaging.

Sports day page made using - film slides, spotted ribbon, bingo card, blue stripe fabric, admit one coupon, locker tokens, film letters, laundrey invoice, and card board from packaging.

Welcome to my fellow creative team girls and happy crafting :)

Belinda xxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Hi Dee Ho Q-Tea’ers :)


I’m Sharmaine, also a Tasmanian :) I’ve been scrapbooking for about 4 years. I love to dabble in mixed media art and am hoping to do more Art journaling this year. I have been playing with Q Tea kits since they started with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party kit. I love the change from ‘normal’ products but most of all I love that the Q Tea kit can be used by anyone in any scrappy style and mixed media.
I also received my Through The Viewfinder kit yesterday, yum!, and today I had a chance to play

The first thing I went goo over was the awesome laser cut wooden camera!!
I love!!!
The paper doily was the second thing that made me want to create ASAP
So I used both of these on my first page, along with the spot ribbon, coupon stamps (because I love yellow) and the film title letters



I used the doily as a mask, spraying over it with some Turquoise Glimmer Mist (another fave colour) and then doodled around the outline to make a journal spot
I also stitched on the lettering, tip: a normal machine needle will split these letters so stop the machine before you get to the side of a letter and lift the foot and move the page till the needle is back over the letter and resume stitching on the other side.


If you look closely you will see where the lettering is split and where I learnt this tip lol

The second thing I created was a wall hanger
I reused the doily adding it to some of the music paper, so the doily pops off the fabric a little.


I stitched the fabric onto the ‘keep the envelope stiff’ cardboard that comes with the kit and then stitched on the paper doily, bingo card, lettering and the house that I cut from the French wine label that was in my kit


I then added the black and white ric rac to hang it from.
I still have quite a few things left to play with, which is another reason I love Q Tea kits, SO MUCH to play with! Can’t wait to see what others create with the kit and don’t forget there is a Flickr group where you can upload your Q Tea creations, you can find it here :)

Sharmaine :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello :)

Hi all, thought it was about time I popped in here to introduce myself..I live in Tasmania and have been scrapping for about 3 years. My favourites things to use are colour and texture.
I usually find it hard to not play with paint and add some handstitching on my layouts...and of course adding some quirky embellishments such as those in the Qtea kits

My January Qtea kit arrived in the mail today and I just looove it! I can't wait to start playing with everything this weekend.

Thanks so much for this opportunity Jodi..I'm so happy to be working alongside the lovely
girls on the team and seeing their creations too.

Now for 5 randoms facts about me:
- hubby and I have been building our house for the last 17 years and still have a way to go!
- I dream of travelling to Canada and China
- my most creative time is very late at night
- I'm a coffee addict
- my favourite movie is 'Love Actually'

Thanks for visiting
Gina xox

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Through the Viewfinder

What’s through you’re viewfinder?
Here’s a glimpse of the things I love – some vintage, some kitsch, some fun with a big SPLASH of colour!

10 inches dressmakers tape
10 inches spot ribbon
Laser Cut Wooden vintage camera embellie*
Music Paper
Bingo Card
Vintage Film Title Letters/Numbers*
2 Admit One Coupons
Coupon Stamps x 4
2 Roosevelt High Locker Tokens
2 Slide Frames
2 Vintage French Wine Labels
50cm Black & White Ric Rac
Vintage Paper Doiley*
Laundry Co-op Vintage Invoice
8 ½ x 11 inches (approx) Blue Stripe Fabric
3 Black Vintage Ropey Buttons
2 White Vintage Lace Buttons
1 Black & White Decorated Button

*Laser cut camera, film title numbers/letters, Doiley, and wine labels will all vary in colour, design and style!

Kit’s shipping NOW – strictly limited numbers!

E-mail to order!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hello! =)

Hello! Thank you so much to Jodi for having me on the team =)

I have been scrapping since 2007 and have always been inspired by colours, texture and the memories/photos that i want to capture and remember. Home decor magazines are my favourite read and i love to include non-traditional scrapbooking materials in my layouts to add that fun differentiating factor! That why i fell in love with Qtea the first time i saw it! i was extremely happy to find a kit club commited to providing interesting little bits and pieces for my scrapbooking projects!

I was on the Qtea Creative Team from Jan 2008 to Jun 2009 and i must say that many of my favourite layouts are those done with the kits! You can view some of my work during my previous DT stint on my Flickr page. So excited to be back!!

Five FUN and totally random facts about me
- i hug my pound puppy to sleep every night
- my baptism name is Sarah!
- i'm a scrapbooking instructor with a LSS
- i love MILO! (the yummy chocolate drink)
- dreamie is my nickname on forums as that is what you get when you say merdrey many times continuously! alright...i think you will get dreamer....but dreamie is so much cuter! =)

hugs, Merdrey