Thursday, 18 August 2011

Farewell Peeps

Farewell, adieu, addio, abschied, so long..............goodbye.

It's time to say goodbye peeps, it has taken me a long time (can anyone say procrastination?) to write this blog post, but the time feels right now and in all honesty it is probably about 6months overdue.
With change comes a shift and creatively I feel like have run out of kit-making steam, don't get me wrong I {love} QTea kits with all my heart, I have loved making the kits and I especially loved seeing the gorgeous work that all you creative peeps create with QTea kits.
Putting together a QTea kit takes up a fair bit of head space and I used to be thinking about themes, searching for goodies and jotting down ideas all of the time..............then nothing!
At first I thought I was out of practice and it has taken me 6months of stop/starts and phaffing about to realise that I just don't have the drive and the creative head space anymore.
So here we are, it feels like the right time and the fact that I am writing this at 3am is fairly was keeping me awake - lol!
There is ONE kit left to send out.............I put it together months ago and it just need photographing, I will be back tomorrow with the sneak and pre-order details.
Thanks for the rides peeps, it's been truly fabulous!