Thursday, 26 November 2009

Gorgeous Gifts

It's almost that time of year and QTea have some FUN and CUTE ways to spread the LOVE around this Christmas!
Our mini-embellishments kits are simply ADORABLE and are keenly priced - need a Kris Kringle gift for a Scrapbooking loving friend? What about a stocking filler?
These kits will arrive at your door with a cute little gift bag, ready for you to pop under your tree........
Seriously CUTE!

Each Kit Contains

1 Piece Joan Ajala Marbled Paper
2 Vintage Butterfly Tea Cards
1 Charm
1 Buckle
2 Vintage Admit One Tickets
1 Vintage Game Card
2 Vintage Wooden Bingo Numbers
2 Vintage Game Tiles
1 Scrabble Letter
4 Vintage Cinema Tickets
1 length (10inches approx) red ribbon

All ready to go with a gift bag and sticker.......

ONLY $8.00 and $0.50c for postage in Australia or $1.65 international.

E-mail to order, these are ready to ship NOW!
Cuteness abounds and for under $10 too!
My Christmas Gift to you!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sneak Peek

Full kit reveal - Sunday 29th November; with shipping on Friday 4th December.
E-mail to pre-order!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

An apology, an opportunity and a confession.....

This blog has been a bit neglected over the past week or so, in fact my poor little QTea business has been sorely neglected over the past two weeks.
I was quite hesitant to post personal stuff on what is essentially a business blog, but I think it is the best interests of my customers to let them know why I have been slow to respond to mail and why kits haven't been received yet!
Nothing too dramatic, but enough chaos in my life to see {most} QTea work grind to a fabulous halt.........
......November kits where sent out yesterday, I have VERY tight turnaround with suppliers and sometimes this pays off and sometimes it does not - this month, first time ever some products didn't arrive when I expected them to.......
add to that.......
........this household has been hit with.............2 bouts of gastro, 2 head colds {which results in late night coughing fits for one baby girl}, one case of tonsillitis...
...........I am the event secretary and officials coordinator for this event! {strange hobby for a scrapbooker I know, I am a complicated woman}......

SO - November has been my fall-in-a-heap, losing my mind, being late for EVERYTHING and always apologizing month..............

It's CRaZy!

the apology : your kits are LATE, so very LATE and I am so very sorry.............I hate being late, it keeps me awake at night and gives me that anxious butterfly feeling in my stomach.....

the opportunity : see here - new year, new creative team opportunity - perhaps you could whip up your application whilst you hound the postman for your November kit!

the confession : I am NOT superwoman or supermum - very hard for this {: prides herself on being organised, type A personality, get things done kinda woman :} to admit - I am a Mum first and this week ALL of my babies have been sick with some kind of illness..........

Thanks for listening - keep your peepers open for the postman and look out NEXT week for the Sneak for December's kit - I've got to dash, I've got a car rally to organise!

Creative Team Call Out - 2010

It’s that time of year again; it is time to bid a fond farewell to our current creative team – Sharmaine, Bec and Brita.
And it is time to welcome some new creative blood into the QTea family,
I am on the look out for Creative Team Members for January 2010 to June 2010.

How do you can apply:

Expressions of interest are sought for the Q Tea creative; there are three vacant positions and the role will be from January 2010 to June 2010.
What’s the deal?In exchange for one monthly kit, team members will create:

* Two items for the Q Tea gallery. Ideally a mix of both off-the-page and layouts, but with the balance leaning toward more layouts. Each project would need to use at least 2 items from the kit, with the rest of the projects using your own stash. You are also welcome to use the projects you create for Q Tea to enter other challenges or to combine with other design team commitments.
* Provide an ORIGINAL sketch each month for exclusive use by Q Tea.
* During the 6months provide ONE step-by-step instructional on how you completed a project, layout or card using Q Tea products.
* I would also like you to be an ambassador for Q Tea by posting about your work on your blog and/or other forum’s (where permitted).

Creative Team Members may also be given any add-on kits or mini project kits Q Tea releases! {depending on number of editions released}

How to apply?

To express interest in being part of Q Tea's creative team, please email, with Creative Team Application in the subject box and answer the following questions:

1. A little bit about yourself, how long you have been scrapping and your creative influences?
2. Five FUN and totally random facts about yourself?
3. Your favourite Q Tea kit of all time?
4. Your favourite/most inspirational NON-scrapping artist?

You will also need to provide:
* Links to any online galleries or blogs, and an example of both a layout and an off-the-page (canvas, mini-album, altered item, etc) project. Ideally the examples would show how you like to use non-traditional products, such as those in the Q Tea kits. Please keep the file sizes small for ease of viewing.
* A recent photo of you!
* A recent photo of your creative space (and yes MESS is allowed)
* A link to your blog! (if you have one)

Applications close – Saturday 29th November 09.

Successful applicants will be notified by Saturday 6th December 09.

Current Creative Team members and former Guest Creative Team members are more than welcome to apply.