Thursday, 1 September 2011


Welcome to our final QTea Kit – dedicated to all those loveable geeks out there…… know who I mean the ones who love Star Wars, vintage comic books, messing around with gadgets and Dr Who…………nerd lovers UNITE!

1/2 metre Flash Gordon Cotton Tape

1/2 metre tartan ribbon

2 Microscope Slides

Set of five electronic resistors

Test Tube of sparkly goodness

2 x Wooden typewriter letters

3 x Small Wonders vintage tea cards (microscope theme)

Vintage Graph Paper Pack

8 x Bingo Markers

3 x Vintage Bookpapers Chess Theme

3 x Vintage Bookpapers Scrabble Letters

20 x Bristol Bus Company Tickets

20cm Sparkley Punchinella

3 x Red Felt Stars

Camera Junkie Notepaper

Air Mail Enevelope

Under the scope notepaper

3 x Small Bingo Numbers

Blue Suede Shoe Card

* Vintage bookpapers, tea cards, bingo numbers, typewriter letters and vintage graph papers will all vary in style and design.

Available NOW in the shop!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Farewell Peeps

Farewell, adieu, addio, abschied, so long..............goodbye.

It's time to say goodbye peeps, it has taken me a long time (can anyone say procrastination?) to write this blog post, but the time feels right now and in all honesty it is probably about 6months overdue.
With change comes a shift and creatively I feel like have run out of kit-making steam, don't get me wrong I {love} QTea kits with all my heart, I have loved making the kits and I especially loved seeing the gorgeous work that all you creative peeps create with QTea kits.
Putting together a QTea kit takes up a fair bit of head space and I used to be thinking about themes, searching for goodies and jotting down ideas all of the time..............then nothing!
At first I thought I was out of practice and it has taken me 6months of stop/starts and phaffing about to realise that I just don't have the drive and the creative head space anymore.
So here we are, it feels like the right time and the fact that I am writing this at 3am is fairly was keeping me awake - lol!
There is ONE kit left to send out.............I put it together months ago and it just need photographing, I will be back tomorrow with the sneak and pre-order details.
Thanks for the rides peeps, it's been truly fabulous!