Friday, 25 April 2008

The Court Jester

A richly coloured collection of royal jokes for the month of May...


Approx 7"x11" piece harlequin fabric
1 metre red velvet (plastic backed) ribbon
1 metre purple satin ribbon
2 sheets vintage comic books
1 Compendium Inc. 'Lunch Mail' card
1 Every Jot and Tittle 'Laugh' tag
2 telephone message notes
1 joker playing card (random style)
1 piece copper foil
2 felt circles - teal and purple
6" blue and white pom pom trim
1 XL paperclip
1 clown charm
2 tiny silver bells
5 tiny pom poms
12" crown paper cut-out (designs vary)
1 castle paper cut-out
1 random clothing label
2 'If the Crown Fits' stamp embellishments

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Autumn Add-on: Baboushka Baby - SOLD OUT

This cute add-on kit is a limited edition (24) kit, and not included in any subscriptions.

Full of sweetly illustrated baboushka dolls, warm Russian-style colours and a full deck of alphabet cards, Baboushka Baby is a fun collection to help you create away during these Autumn days! Shipping from the 21st April.


1 piece, approx 8"x12", patterned silk
1 sheet Mozi mousepad notepaper
2 sheets Baboushka letter set writing paper (colour/design may vary from pictured)
1 Baboushka letter set envelope (colour/design may vary from pictured)
4 sheets Sweet Street Baboushka memo pad
2 squares batik paper
1 Matryoshka Ex-Libris bookplate
1 vintage blue willow paper coasters (not 2 as pictured)
2 smiggle label stickers
8 tiny Baboushka doll stickers
2 Elle's Studio Lollipop Candy Shop Labels
1 metre embroidery thread
10" hot pink leather lace
1 set alphabet cards
2 tiny pearl buckles

$20 (AU dollars) plus shipping ($1 local, $2.70 Asia/Pacific, $4 other international). Orders taken now!