Sunday, 26 August 2007

The March Hare's Garden

Though commonly referred to as 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party', the name of the party in question was, in fact, simply 'The Mad Tea Party'. The Mad Tea Party actually took place in the garden of the March Hare, giving us the title of Q Tea's first add-on kit. You'll find elements of madness along with the sunshine and colour of a garden in Spring. Enjoy!

Please note that this kit is not included in any subscriptions, and is offered in addition to the monthly kits. Unlike the monthly kits, no add-on kits have been pre-ordered or set aside.

'The March Hare's Garden' costs $17.50 plus postage, making it a flat $20 for Australian customers. The add-on kits will ship on Tuesday the 4th September, and thereafter as ordered. Please email me if you would like to place an order!


1 4.5"x12" piece flocked paper
1 6"x12" piece gelati floral drill cotton
1 piece vintage wallpaper
1 piece vintage book paper
2 lined cards
1 vintage 'Sorry' game card
1 piece postcode book paper
1 yard vintage lace
2 large paperclips
1 red frame label sticker
1 piece Elle's Studio bird notepaper
4 Adrienne Looman painted buttons
1 ladybug button
1 piece Cavallini vintage-style bird paper (approx 4"x5")
2 ceramic flowers

Please note: Postcode paper, bookpaper, bird paper, Adrienne Looman buttons and paperclips will vary slightly in colour or theme from those shown.


nahte said...

Really love it. I hope you have received my email :)


Sharmaine said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Love it Danielle! Got mine in the mail today and now have something to play with while away!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!