Friday, 21 December 2007

Kawaii (Super Cute!!) - SOLD OUT

I just love the Japanese pop culture, anime, cute characters and some stuff so bizarre you just have to laugh. Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese, and suits this kit to a T. Bright colours and cute accents accompany a 4"x6" photo flip album, perfect for customising to your own super cute theme. There is a lot of randomness in this kit, meaning each customer will get some things that are slightly different - have fun with it!

Kawaii (Super Cute!!) will ship from the 3rd January, simply email me to place an order or organise a subscription!


1 piece monkey pattern cotton voile, approx 11"x8"
1 4"x6" photo flip album - colour will vary
1 sheet bright orange ledger paper, approx A5
2 imported plastic gift bags - style and colour may vary
1 metre teal tiny ric-rac
Approx 12" white mini pom-pom trim
1 roll imported patterned sticky tape - design will vary
Approx 5 sheets random sheets of imported mini note paper - designs will vary
Approx 5-7 random imported stickers - designs will vary
Approx 5 imported lucky paper strips
1 Crafty Matters 'Cute' ceramic tile
1 Kitty Robot sculpey rainbow accent
1 plastic deer charm - colour will vary
2 plastic rice charms - colours will vary
2 plastic cherry charms - colours will vary
1 blue plastic 'Hello Kitty' accent


Carlie said...

OMG, this is totally awesome! I love it :) Must get my hands on this pack!

Jodie said...

save me one this is the best kit, seriously delicious!!!


stephanie said...

love it

Rach H said...

oohh love the look of this one!!
hope I'm still on a sub??
have a great xmas!! :)

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

ok, i HAVE to have this!!! sooo super cute!!! going to email now!