Sunday, 26 April 2009

'Zip A Dee Doo Dah' Second Edition - 3 ONLY

As the May kit sold out so soon after release, I've managed to pull together 3 more kits for those who may have missed out. There are a small number of replacements to the original contents, as follows:

1 sheet 'Herbs Annual' vintage children's book replaced with 1 sheet 'Kittens' vintage children's book
1 sheet vintage children's dictionary replaced with 1 sheet vintage children's poetry book
1 page vintage romance novel replaced with 1 sheet vintage romance comic
1 'Domestically Disabled' printed tissue replaced with 1 vintage girl-themed greeting card
1 Kikki K yellow polka dot gift tag replaced with 1 Route 66 fabric patch
1 Kikki K red heart paperclip replaced with 1 red strawberry plastic clip
3 tiny gold pearl buckles will be 2 tiny gold pearl buckles

These contents remain the same:

8"x11.5" piece houndstooth vintage wallpaper
1 page vintage sheet music
Approx. 8"x10" piece Michael Miller 'Tweet Tweet' fabric
1 sheet Dr Seuss double-sided writing paper
A5 piece Cristina Re lace vellum
1 vintage time card
1 piece teal sequin waste / punchinella
1 vintage German cigarette card (will vary)
1 sheet Nut and Bee 'Cat in Magnolia' notepaper
1 length scalloped guipure lace
A selection of Poppies For Grace sticky notes
2 handmade by dQ vintage bookpaper button flowers
1 handmade by dQ stitched felt and paper music note (colour will vary)
1 Kikki K 'Dinner Party' conversation card
1 dQ quote card - What a Wonderful Day
2 vintage scrabble tiles (letter selection will vary)

With these changes in mind, please check the original listing for image! I will be uploading these 3 last kits to etsy (providing they are still available) tomorrow, as etsy is currently down for maintenance. In the meantime, please email Q Tea to order.

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