Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tutti Frutti

From here to there
and there to here
Funky things are everywhere!
September’s kit is an ode to the fabulous Dr Seuss with a dash of vintage, a splash of colour and all delivered wrapped in gorgeous pink velvet ribbon!

Dr Seuss Dictionary Bookpaper*
Children’s Vintage Bookpaper*
Self Esteem Themed Vintage Bookpaper*
9inch x 10inch (approx) Funky Apples Fabric
Dr Seuss Alphabet Card*
2 Elles Studio Very Berry Journaling Tags
12cm x 10cm Piece Joan Ajala Marbled Paper*
Vintage Drink Label*
Scrabble Tiles*
Kikki K Yellow Spot Tag
50cm Pink Velvet Ribbon
50cm Vintage Yellow Rayon Fancy Trim
Vintage Bridge Score Card
Cherry Button
Banana Button
Strawberry Button
A4 Kitschy Digitals Fruit Cut Outs
Apple & Bees Sparkle Stickers*
Ceramic Flower
Great Ideas Notepaper
Little Man Paper Clip

*Book papers, cards, marbled paper, tiles, stickers and labels will all vary in design!

Kits will ship on Friday 4th September – e-mail to order!


Shazz said...

ooooooooooooooo i do like that marbled paper *wink*

please make sure my order is in for this month Jodi xxoo

Gladys said...

Ohhhh I got an "E" !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh love the look of this kit ! Would someone mind emailing me your email adress to order as my Officework is not working so I cant see the email adress arrrrrg HEEEEEEELP !! lol xoxo Tina or go past my blog and leave it there in the comment box ! Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous Jodi.

TaswegianMum said...

WOW I got an A