Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Mini Book Magic...

so did everyone have fun in the Scraplounge March Project Pack challenge?! Although we couldnt participate, the team here were given the same pack of goodies to play with and i decided on an accordion album for my boyfriend's 31st birthday =)

Wyn Turns 31 =)

To form the accordion, cut a piece of cardstock into two pieces of cardstock measuring 12" wide by 6" tall. Fold it into half to get a 6" x 6" and continue to fold 2" at both ends. You should get an accordion with score lines at 2", 6" and 10" (i hope this makes sense!)

Wyn Turns 31 =)

Then stick the 2" of one side to the cover board and the other 2" to the second folded accordion piece...The next 2" flap is stuck to the end board. Now to decorate your accordion!

Wyn Turns 31 =)

I used the memo card as a flap to hide the ugly photos of me with my mouth all stuffed with food...not going to show it here of course!!! I then used the lace to line the edge of the fold =)

Wyn Turns 31 =)

With the huge flower, i cut it into half and wrapped it to a 'stem' made from folded patterned paper!

Wyn Turns 31 =)

Hope you had fun with your album as i had with mine!! If you want to get a kit, it is still available on our Etsy store!!

hugs, Merdrey


Kath said...

ooo Merdrey, I love how your accordian album take on the mini book kit :) Kath

peata said...

sweet mini!