Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Postage Update

With the majority of September kits now shipped, I have discovered the kits to be lighter than I expected. While it is possible that this may vary, for the time being I have reduced the shipping cost of the kits. Kits from October onwards will reflect this updated rate, and I will be sending a gift out to each person who purchased a September kit and paid full postage, and to all subscribers who have pre-paid. The gift will reflect the amount of overpayment, but if you'd rather a refund (for example, those of you who have pre-paid 3 or 6 months), please just email me to let me know :)

International customers will receive a credit on their next invoice, and next month's kit will be weighed to determine exact shipping before invoicing.

The add-on kits were shipped at $2.50 postage so no change was needed there.

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Sharmaine said...

Just thanked the posty for mine!
Thanks Danielle, love it!