Friday, 22 May 2009


It's Friday night and I'm having a little "tidy-up" around here, first things first -

  • New Etsy Shop has been stocked! There are some old kits, like this one, or this cute thing, or even a couple of these, subscriptions are also available!
  • QTea has a facebook page; become a fan, find out all the NEWS as it happens!
  • I've had a few e-mails asking about existing subscribers, so I thought I would post it here........if you had a PAID up subscription with Danielle, that means you have a paid up subscription with me! And, YES I will send you a reminder to let you know when you subscription expires, can't have you missing any kits now!
  • June Kits - OMG only THREE left, I am stunned and happy and oh so very grateful you have embraced me and my creativity like you did with Danielle - THANK YOU!

Hope you have a lovely weekend - full kit reveal on Monday!

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