Monday, 11 October 2010

Perfect 10

It's me again!

It was 10 october 2010 and here in Singapore, I am very sure all hotel ballrooms were fully booked way in advance! YES, to many, it was a great day and date for their wedding!

Here's a Hong Bao I have made with more from the Miss Matryoshka kit.

Hong Bao
, directly translated into English basically means a Red Packet and the Chinese use Hong Bao to contain money as blessings to their recipients. Hong Bao are commonly used during Chinese New Year and Weddings. There are lots of ready made Hong Baos in the market, but I love personalised ones - and the best part is, they do not have to be red anymore! :)

Here's what I have used from the kit

  • Elle's Studio Love Bird - could you see the birds I have cut out?
  • I {love} Matryoshkadoll Notepaper - the bottom edge of this Notepaper was used under the word 'LOVE' here.
  • Red Poppies - the remaining 2!

Here's the inside where one would slot in a few notes ~ cash I meant... and I left a space for a personal message of the traditional way of scribbling the names on the surface of the Hong Bao.

I have a feeling I could use the remaining of the kit for something else... Will post when I have ideas! :)


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Kylie B said...

Oh wow beautiful!