Monday, 21 July 2008

Oh the Places You'll - SOLD OUT

Dr Seuss-isms, bicycle travel and the sky's the limit - or Jack thinks so, as he climbs his beanstalk!

This kit was sold out on the sneak peek, but I am making a waiting list, so feel free to email me if you'd like to be added. Click on image to enlarge.


1 x 7"x10" piece Jack and the Beanstalk canvas fabric
1 x sheet vintage atlas (will vary)
1 x sheet vintage Dr Seuss Readers book paper (will vary)
1 x monopoly card - chance or community chest (will vary)
2 x monopoly money notes (will vary)
1/2 yard dark blue lattice trim
1/2 metre green grosgrain ribbon
1 x plastic bird peg from The Laundry
2 x vintage-style airmail stickers from One Good Bumblebee
2 x mathematical flash cards - one orange, one blue
1 x 'pow' tag from Shabby Chic Crafts
1 x 'Go' noteblock from Living Room Floor
1 x 2.5" airplane tag from Every Jot and Tittle
1 x 1.5" bicycle tag from Every Jot and Tittle
1 x 1.5" train tag from Every Jot and Tittle
1 x sheet 'Vroom' notepaper from ChickenGirl

Shipping Date: 7th August 2008


Anonymous said...

wow, I'm so glad I subscribed, this kit looks awesome :)

Nevis said...

Oh, foo. Maybe next month.

Felicity said...

Woow this would have to be one of my fav kits - Fabbo love it.

YMBD said...

I've just stumbled accross your kits and WOW! What a fantastic idea having non-mainstream products all together like this!

Although August is sold out, I'm anxious to see what you've got coming for September! I'm definitely bookmarking for later!