Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Ooh, an interview...

One of Q Tea's regular customers, Marie Hoimark from Denmark, interviewed me for an online scrapbooking magazine - check it out here... of course, it's in Danish so I've also pasted my answers in English below :)

1. Why did you start Qtea kits ?

I actually started Q Tea for Australian scrapbookers, it seemed that the most fun kits with interesting bits and pieces (Zing Boom, Red Velvet etc) were usually from the United States, and adding the cost of shipping meant few Australians could afford it. This was almost a year ago now. So I wanted to provide kits of all the interesting bits and pieces, without including the standard scrapbooking papers and so on, as there are plenty of kit clubs here that provide that sort of thing already. I also wanted to make it cheap to post, which meant the stuff I include has to be small - no 12"x12" papers allowed!

It seems funny to me now that I started it to cater to Australians, as almost half the monthly kits are sent overseas, but it actually makes sense as the smaller size means shipping anywhere in the world is quite affordable.

2. Whats your main idea with monthly kit ?

Honestly, it just seemed logical to go monthly. It is often enough that you get new things to play with on a regular basis, but without it costing too much. Every season - four times a year - I also release an add-on kit, in smaller quantities. And I have a lot of fun coming up with themes for each kit.

3. What is your goal for Qtea ? What do you want to do with it in the future ?

Actually, Q Tea has already surpassed my original intentions. I now make 60 kits a month, which usually sell out, as well as the quarterly add-on kits. Initially I had only planned on make 25 or 30 a month, but popularity grew really quickly. Because of the nature of the items, it is difficult to increase the quantity by much more than I already have, so I guess my future plans are just to keep making fun kits and seeing how it goes.

4. Where do you get all the bits and pieces?

All over the place! I get things through etsy, ebay and other online stores, I occasionally have things custom made and I also search through all sorts of local shops, markets, op-shops, newsagents - I always have an eye out for something interesting to use in a kit. Having themes helps, as I get ideas of the sort of items I want and then I just go looking for them.

5. Do you scrap ?

Yes, absolutely! I am a kind of 'arty' scrapper and I do regular work for an Australian scrapbooking magazine, as well as a lot just for fun. Though I don't get to play with kit items as often as I'd like, my 4-year-old daughter adores scrapbooking and often grabs kit leftovers for herself - if I let her :)

6. What inspires you ?

For the kits? Children's toys, books, films, fashion, op-shops, handmade things, the garden, pop culture, music, fabric stores. For my personal scrapbooking, a lot of the same things actually! Art, books, fashion, music, words and quotes. Normal everyday things, and also vintage styles and items. Fellow artists and scrapbookers - and their work - and photography. Home decorating magazines are also a top source of inspiration for both the kits and personally.


Anonymous said...

yay! we are so grateful you wanted to take the time to answer these questions :) thx alot danielle.

Anonymous said...

what a great interview Danielle, it was so interesting to see what inspires you and your kits :D keep up the good work!