Tuesday, 2 February 2010

She Likes To Roll

I love it when my postman brings some QTea love :)
Yesterday he popped it in my box, totally ignoring the PLEASE DO NOT BEND on the envelope, grr
But thankfully the envelope stay in our box very long because I dashed out and then ripped the little sucker open
After my eyes stopped swimming I pulled everything out of the kit and my mind started buzzing with ideas, yep another reason I love these kits is because they offer so much inspiration
The very first thing I made was an inspiration wire, well without the wire :)100_9945
I started with the hook ribbon, glues on the red ric rac, then added a brad at either end, to make sure it would all stay together


one of my faves from the kit was the gorgeous felt hearts, I added one to the middle of the ‘wire’ before adding some paper clips to hang things from


I have given this to a friend already, who was thrilled because she was going to be listing the 30 things she wanted to do before turning 30 and this would be great for hanging those things off
Also thought it would be cool to use pegs or bull dog clips to make extra hanging space

The second thing I have made is this simple page


Love the sparkles from the sequin mesh, and it is so easy to cut or tear


and the roller skate charm is VERY VERY cool!!

I also used the button here, covering it with some of the fabric
and I thought I would walk you through this process
for the example I have used a button from Smiggle and some woodgrain fabric, from a previous QTea kit, you also need some double sided tape and a needle with thread


cut a piece of fabric that is a little larger than the button
add some double sided tape to the top of the button


place the button face down onto the reverse of the fabric, so the tape holds the fabric firm


Push the needle through a point of the fabric and tie it off


then make some stitches so you are pulling the fabric from each side and pulling it tight on the top of the button


Keep going until you form a circle on the top side of the button and you are happy with the shape, pulling in any corners your not happy with, and then tie the stitching off


and hey presto a fabric covered button :)


If you wanted to use the pin, on the back, then you could try stitching under the pin rather than over, like I did. Don’t know how this would work, ie if it would be too bulky for the pin, but it’s all about giving it a go :) I think that keeping the pin would make is cool to use on a head band or wristlet… just thinking out loud now lol :)
I am about to start a third project, with some other pieces of the kit, so will be back later, it is going to involve glue so it will be a while before I can show you what I made. Fun Fun Fun

Sharmaine :)

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Belinda said...

wow Sharmaine you jump right in don't you lol I got my kit yesterday too and I am itching to get stuck into it. You work is gorgeous and I love the little ribbon pin up. You have totally inspired me to get into mine. Belinda

Q Tea Kits said...

oh my goodness your fast - love your inspiration wire - too funny!!!! just so cute!
Your LO is gorgeous too - simple and effective!

Gina said...

cute stuff!!....love the fabric covered badge..will have to try that one soon :)