Saturday, 30 January 2010

Roller Derby Doll

February is LOVE month and what’s not to love about a Rollergirl?
She is smart, tough, a little bit sassy and probably has a gorgeous tattoo and like all girls she likes to be romanced!
Take home a rollergirl today!

Elle's Studio Numbers Cut outs
6inches Sequin Mesh
Rollergirl Button*
Roller-skate Charm
Wide eyed doll napkin
19inches Red Ric Rac
Comic Bookpaper*
2 x Play Money*
Leather Thought Bubble*
50cms Black Velvet Ribbon
2 x Felt Hearts*
3 x Gingham Brads
GOSH embroidered patch
2 x Ribbon Bows
9inches Lingerie Hook Ribbon
81/2inch x 11inch Break my heart fabric
Compendium LOVE note*
70cm vintage silver lace

*Rollergirl button, play money, thought bubble, felt hearts, love notes and comic bookpaper will all vary in colour, design and style!

Kit’s shipping Friday 5th February – strictly limited numbers!

E-mail to order!

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