Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hey Mr Postman!

Savvy QTea-ers will notice this month that the Mr Clown head is missing from your QTea kits - fear not gorgeous peeps, Mr Clown is presently speeding his way to you via a secret padded pouch!

I had a few problems with Australia Post this month and when the creative team girls received their kits, some of the Mr Clown Head's where crushed!

So I elected to post him separately AND whilst I was at it, I have added a little gift for all of you who brought a May QTea kit!

Just spreading the {love} around this month!

From June onwards ALL QTea kits will now be posted in these SUPER tough post envelopes.......some of my customers have had H-U-G-E trouble with their local postman folding and/or stuffing their QTea kits into their post boxes so {hopefully} this will help to eliminate/minimise this problem!

The bonus???? - all at NO extra cost to my lovely customers, now that is good news!

1 comment:

Belinda said...

Even though it clearly states on the envelope "please do not bend" my local postman doesn't seem to be able to read and is happy to fold mine in half to squish it in but my little clown head survived the trip ;) Belinda