Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sharing the QTea LOVE!

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May's Kit is our 40th kit, forty is a FABULOUS number I'm sure you will agree and to celebrate we are having a little competition!
Now I know you all {love} QTea, isn't that why you visit?
And now I want you to share the QTea {love} with someone you {love}...........it's a "pay it forward" competition with a difference!
To enter all you need to do is leave a comment telling me about someone special in your life that would like some QTea goodness! The catch? The person you nominate must be NEW to QTea, they cannot be a past customer or someone who has had a subscription before or brought a kit before.
I am after some QTea newbies!
The prize?
A fabulous package of our most wonderful and popular kits, to get their creativity happening fast!
The winner will receive, one of each of these kits:
A Beverley Hills Boudoir
Where the Wild Things Are
Magical Maharajah
Sing a Happy Song
My Highland Fling
Yes that's right, not one but FIVE fabulous Qtea kits.

So what are you waiting for - tell me about someone gorgeous in your life that deserves a little Qtea {loving}..............
Winner will be drawn randomly on Friday 14th May, therefore entries will close on Friday 14th May @9am (AEST).
I will cross check names against the Qtea database and if the random winner is found to be a past customer then another random name will be drawn until we find a genuine newbie!
Good luck!


Julie Richardson said...

My gorgeous inmate Natasha has a lot on her plate at the moment ..family life for her at the moment is on a low and her hernia is playing up yet again hopefully this week she will be in hospital having the major surgery :)
Then Caron and I can give lots of love with our company, food and time she said no making her laugh as her stitches will pull LOL!!!!

Our gorgeous Natsha is my saviour :)

Chloe :-) said...

I'd like to nominate my mother - Lois T ... what a fantastic mother's day present your kits would make!

Ann Cicilie said...

I would like to nominate my scrappy friend Lisa :)

She can sure do some magic when she's scrapping, so I'd love to see what she could make out of those kits!

Anonymous said...

I would love to nominate my best friend Nathalie (http://laliem.blogspot.com), who has had to deal with so much in the last year that I would love for her to win just to cheer her up and motivate her to keep going.

Thank you for the opportunity Jodi :)

Miriam xx
{blog - http://miriamkaye.typepad.com

Jodi said...

I would like to nominate my friend Kym. She is such an awesome mother and real person and would create something beautiful with these I'm sure.

Thank you for the oppirtunity. J x

6malesandme said...

I would love to nominate my sister Margaret. She has always been there for me to turn to, and no matter what she thinks of my choices she always has a hug and shoulder for me to lean on - and goodness knows Ive done a lot of that lately! I would love to present her with your gorgeous delights Jodi.

~ YvOnnE ~ said...

*I am sorry I used the wrong account to sign in earlier.. please delete the previous comment.. soooo sorry!*

Whoa.. this is so cool.

I'd love to nominate my girly pal whom is residing in London now. Her name is Grace Seow and she was the one who introduced me to Scrapbooking back in 2007!

Without her, there would be no scrapbooking, no creations and no Qtea, so to speak!

She is always complaining to me it is difficult to get scrapbooking and stuff to create in the US and UK and I hope Qtea will give her a good kick start in a foreign country.

I'd be happy to provide her details if she is picked. :)

Thank you Grace for showing me what I am hooked on now and thank you Qtea for such a wonderful giveaway!


Belinda said...

What a great give away Jodi, I would love to nominate my friend Veronika as she has had to put herself and everything she loves aside to pull her son out of school and home school him. They live in a rural area and now will not be able to get out much for some me time. Her son has a bad case of chronic fratigue syndrom and has no energy for anything let alone school work so Veronika has her work cut out for her.Her son actually really loves to get crafty so if she one it could be something they could do together.
Thanks for the opportunity Jodi.

Nina said...

i'd love to nominate my niece, Olivia. She is 11 years old and like her aunty, loves to scrap!!

She suffers from dyslexia which makes academic stuff really difficult for her ... though, like most dyslexic's she is amazingly creative ... and this shines through in her scrapbooking. As her family, we support her creativity, because she needs to know how amazing she is, and that she is great at something!!

CREATIVITY is her blessed gift!! ... and i will continue to enable her creative pursuits!

Shyn said...

I would like to nominate my business partner and mega-friend, Jacqueline Loh. I introduced her to scrapbooking last year, and let's just say another one bites the dust!

We started a business together recently. We gave up our comfortable salaries and invested all our savings into the business, leaving veeeeery little for anything other than absolute necessities. Scrapping is not a luxury to Jacq, it's an awesomely effective stress reliever!!

So fairy godmother Jodi, please shine some love and scrappin' magic on Jacq....

Shi Yin