Tuesday, 27 July 2010

birds of a feather...

.. flock together..as the saying goes. I've used the stunning j'ai laissé mon coeur à Paris kit on this layout of my daughter and her best friend. There are so many beautiful pieces in the kit..as Sharmaine mentioned below, the beaded trim is so stunning!!..I could only bring myself to cut off a little piece..but will save the rest for another creation soon..My other favourite is the velvet brocade paper..so pretty!

Along with the trim and brocade paper, I've used: vintage cleudo card, vintage cosmetic label, vintage book paper journal page, bling brad, white pearl heart ribbon slide and vintage mini postcard..

..and the black spot veiling which I cut some spots from to create a different effect..

..and can you spot something else? I've used the little piece from the envelope the kit came in..the bit where you tear it open on the side..to the left of the cleudo card above :)

Thanks for stopping by.. Ginaxox


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh so cool Gina!!! LOVE the spots you cut, wish I had more of the veiling just to make something with the dots!! Awesome indeed, you clever thing you!!

Stick 'n' Giggle said...

Gina I absolutely {LOVE} what you have done with the kit - this layout is stunning!

~ YvOnnE ~ said...

Gina.. I love how you put this layout together! :) Simple and striking!!!

Q Tea Kits said...

oooo I love all the layers in this - so cool - love how you used the little tear here thing from the envelope - so clever!