Thursday, 28 January 2010

$ale is HERE!

Welcome to QTea’s ONCE A YEAR super sale!!!

It’s my Birthday and I feel like celebrating, so YOU get the presents!!!! This little party will go for an entire week, stay tuned for some FABULOUS bargains and some great giveaways……

First up – the $ale is here:

Buy ONE Qtea kit and get a FREE mini-kit! (you save $8.00)

Buy TWO Qtea kits and get 50% off your THIRD kit! (you save $9.00)

Buy THREE Qtea kits and get your FOURTH kit for FREE!!! (you save $18.00)

*The special discount kits are here and here. You will notice that the FREE kit actually cost 50c, that is the POSTAGE cost only and in the postage field there is no cost!
*When you purchase the 50% kit or the FREE kit (after qualifying of course) please put a note in the message to seller box to tell me which kit you would like.
**Sale excludes 2010 stock (which is why it’s not listed in the shop)
**Strictly while stocks last!
**All prices are in USD’s for simplicity’s sake {having said that the Aussie dollar is pretty good right now}

Fabulous indeed, but to make it MORE fabulous every gorgeous person who makes a purchase from the shop during the next week will go into a draw to win a FREE 6month QTea subscription……….

And every day I’m going to bring you some wonderful inspiration and giveaway’s from around the globe – stay tuned!!!!!
Happy Shopping!