Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hello! =)

Hello! Thank you so much to Jodi for having me on the team =)

I have been scrapping since 2007 and have always been inspired by colours, texture and the memories/photos that i want to capture and remember. Home decor magazines are my favourite read and i love to include non-traditional scrapbooking materials in my layouts to add that fun differentiating factor! That why i fell in love with Qtea the first time i saw it! i was extremely happy to find a kit club commited to providing interesting little bits and pieces for my scrapbooking projects!

I was on the Qtea Creative Team from Jan 2008 to Jun 2009 and i must say that many of my favourite layouts are those done with the kits! You can view some of my work during my previous DT stint on my Flickr page. So excited to be back!!

Five FUN and totally random facts about me
- i hug my pound puppy to sleep every night
- my baptism name is Sarah!
- i'm a scrapbooking instructor with a LSS
- i love MILO! (the yummy chocolate drink)
- dreamie is my nickname on forums as that is what you get when you say merdrey many times continuously! alright...i think you will get dreamer....but dreamie is so much cuter! =)

hugs, Merdrey


Belinda said...

Welcome Merdrey, can't wait to see some of your creations with the kits. Belinda

Gina said...

love your gallery Merdrey..can't wait to see what you do with them this year...and I LOVE milo too! :)

Q Tea Kits said...

Thanks for sharing Merdrey, it is soooo lovely to have you creating again for QTea!!!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi Medrey, I already love your work and am honoured to be working alongside of you.